Here at Conceptwear we feel it is our responsibility to look at all areas of our business to ensure we are doing all we can to reduce our carbon footprint. From our energy supplier to the companies we utilise for garments. Manufacturers are being challenged to look at their methods and improve their own sustainability, by reducing their carbon emissions. Below you can see all the brands we use with their accreditations along with our school uniform suppliers Eco journey in a transparent way.

As a small company we have also taken steps. In particular the issue of single use recycled plastic. From summer 2021 we started to use a compostable mailer and in the summer of 2022 we changed to compostable clear storage bags for our inhouse stock.

We have taken measures to ensure that all scrap fabrics are recycled via Weston Hospicecare to the CTC Group. We have close links with all our schools and their second hand shops, to discourage landfill and utilise a garment until end of life not end of requirement.

We know this is an ongoing important issue and we are committed to improving and minimising our environmental impact.

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